Special Limited Partnership SLP

Special Tax treatment

Following the implementation of AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) into Luxembourg law, the rules which apply to Luxembourg limited Partnerships have changed. Three types of partnerships now exist in Luxembourg:

    • Common Limited Partnership (Société en Commandite Simple) or CLPs

    • Special Limited Partnership (Société en Commandite Spéciale) or SLPs

    • Partnerships Limited by Share (Société en Commandite par Actions) or SCAs


The SCA structure is a type of joint stock company which is widely used for the structuring of investment vehicles. It is a Partnership Limited by Shares.


Under the new law, Limited Partnerships are divided into CLPs (with legal personality) and SLPs (without legal personality). Limited Partnerships are treated as "tax transparent" in respect of CIT (Corporate Income Tax), MBT (Municipal Business Tax) and NWT (Net Wealth Tax) purposes, in most cases.



Luxembourg Special Limited Partnership Structure


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 Legal Aspects of the Partnership

Tax Treatment of the Partnership

Lucrative Activities vs. Commercial Activities

Investment Management Activities realised by a Partnership

SICAV, SIF and SICAR set-up as a Partnership

Foreign Alternative  Investment Fund set-up as a Partnership

Special Limited Partnership - Case studies


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