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Structuring Private Equity investments via Luxembourg

Thanks to its flexible legal and tax environment, Luxembourg has long been recognised as an effective jurisdiction for the structuring of:


Private Equity Solutions for funds in Luxembourg

Investors, promoters, private equity firms, and family office managers who choose Luxembourg as a base for their private equity structures will have a range of solutions available. These include:

  • SICAR (Sociétés d'Investissement à Capital-Risque) - a company with or without variable capital and available to well-informed investors. Since 2004, SICARs have experienced extraordinary uptake, making Luxembourg a major centre for private equity. A SICAR will generally acquire risky assets to develop and sell.

  • SIF (Specialised Investment Funds) - since 2007 this type of fund, also available for well informed investors, may hold participations, any type of debt related instruments, distressed assets, investment vehicles, other funds, SICAV, SIF, SICAR and also makes Luxembourg a popular destination in Europe for the structuring of private equity funds.

  • Issuance of debt instrument - for example,  Preferred Equity Certificates/Convertible Preferred Equity Certificates (PEC/CPEC), Subordinated Notes, Convertible Bonds, Bonds, Warrants, Tracker Certificates etc. Such debt instruments help to make the financing of private equity deals simple and beneficial.


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