Private Investment Office

Setting up of a Private Investment Office for wealthy families and HNWIs

A Private Investment Office is a solution for wealthy families and HNWIs who need to have a tailor-made structure to hold and manage their assets, investments and wealth.

Why a Private Investment Office?

The management and the expansion of the business is entrusted to in-house or external advisors and managers, who monitor the assets.  The Private Investment Office manages the risks, conducts due diligences, prevents frauds, monitors the assets allocation;  it seeks long term investment results for the families and its individuals members.

The objective is to advise clients on the creation and management of their own Private Investment Office. Due to in-depth experience in structuring wealth and assets, teh service consist in a one stop shop solution for the set-up of a Private Investment Office in several steps:  

1. As wealth is a very personal matter, the set up starts by an in depth discussion with the Family Office or the HNWIs, to insure to have well understood the objectives, needs, tolerance to risk and constraints, but also the assets in which the different members want to invest and the structure of the family.

2. This will dictate the ideal structure to support the activity of the Private Investment Office which may take the form of

3. The Private Investment Office can then appoint some manager(s), set up the investment strategies and the assets allocation, decide to employ in house manager to manage the asset or consult on investments in real estate or private equity.

4. Creatrust offers a 360° service in setup and administrationrks depending on the structure chosen.
The services also include the accounting, the corporate secretarial services and the tax reporting of the structure.

5. The Private investment Office will also need a service of consolidation whereby it will assess the total assets managed, analyse their performance, monitor the evolution of its wealth, the global return, costs/fees paid to counterparties and related risks, etc.

What is the Wealth Protection Plan ?

The Wealth Protection Plan is a solution developed for HNWIs and wealthy families to protect the heirs in transferring businesses; assets and future incomes to the next generation.

It is based on the set up of a Private Foundation or similar structure.

This package includes four steps, from the establishment and the analysis of the assets to the set up of the Foundation .

In this solution, our advisory service is there to help to chose the best adequate structure, but may also help in the appointment of a Protector of the Foundation in order to ensure that all the wishes of the Settlor are strictly followed.

More information on our Wealth Protection Plan on click here.

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