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Creatrust Brochure|Corporate, Fund and Family Offices Services

Creatrust - Corporate, Fund and Family Office Services in Luxembourg

Structuring investments of Corporations - One-stop-shop Solutions for Fund Promoters - Holding et consolidating assets of Families and HNWIs -  Main legal structures proposed by Luxembourg


Creatrust Brochure | SOPARFI

Société de participations Financières (SOPARFI) - The Luxembourg Holding Company

General Overview - Comparison with SPF

Creatrust Factsheet | SOPARFI

Factsheet SOPARFI

Background - Authorisation requirement - Legal and regulatory framework - Legal form - Tax system

Creatrust Brochure | Limited Partnership

Limited Partnerships in Luxembourg

Definition and regulation - Tax treatment - VAT treatmemt - Private Assets in SLP

Creatrust Brochure | Intellectual Property Company

Intellectual Property Company

Scope of the Law - Tax treatment - Restrictions and incentives - Modified Nexus Approach - Case study

 Creatrust Factsheet | Intellectual Property

Factsheet IP Company

Background - Scope of the law - Details on tax treatment - Restrictions - Comparison with other jurisdictions - Case study



Creatrust Brochure | AIFMD-LP

AIFMD - Alternative Investment Fund manager Directive and Limited Partnerships

AIFMD general description - SLP definition and regulation - Tax treatment of LP and their executives  - Tax treatment of executives - VAT treatment

Creatrust Brochure | Specialised Investment Fund

The Specialised Investment Fund (SIF)

SIF requirements and portfolio composition - Definition - Eligible assets and legal form - Structure, authorisation and supervision

Creatrust Brochure | the Reserved Alternative Investment Fund

The Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF)

General Overview - Legal forms and eligible Assets - Taxation principles

Creatrust Brochure | Securitisation

Securitisation in Luxembourg

Overview - Analysis - Taxation - Case studies

Creatrust Factsheet | Securitisation of art Collection

Factsheet Securitisation - Art Collections

Rationale - Art as an investment - Functioning

Creatrust Brochure | Solutions for AIFMs

Solutions for Alternative Fund managers and AIFMs

Introduction - UCITS - Alternative Investments - Luxembourg Limited Partnerships - FundNav

Creatrust Brochure | Raising Capital via Luxembourg

Raising Capital via Luxembourg

Raising Capital Solutions - Legal basis - Process - Examples - Financing vehicle


Family Office

Creatrust Brochure | Family Office Services

Family Office Services - Luxembourg

Introduction - Services organisation - Main structures - Solutions and products

Creatrust Brochure | Wealth Management Company SPF

SPF - Wealth Management Company

Overview - Origin and tax status - Comparison with SOPARFI

Creatrust Brochure | Luxembourg Private Foundation

 Luxembourg Private Foundation

 Overview - Foundations and Trusts - Setting up a FOundation - Taxation - Step up

Creatrust Brochure| Investment Manager

Developing your Wealth Management Business from Luxembourg

Requirement to become  Investment Manager - Joining an Investment Manager - Providing Investment Management Services

Creatrust Brochure | Structuring Art Collection

Structuring Art Collection via Luxembourg

Introduction - Special Limited Partnerships - Securitisation of Art Collection - Wealth Protection Plan - Luxembourg Freeport

Creatrust Brochure | The Wealth Protection Plan

The Wealth Protection Plan

Introduction - Private Foundation - Development in four steps

Creatrust Brochure | Private Assets Consolidation

Private Assets Consolidation

Introduction - Monitoring - Reporting



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