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Creatrust Brochure|Corporate, Fund and Family Offices Services

Creatrust - Corporate, Fund and Family Office Services in Luxembourg

Structuring investments of Corporations - One-stop-shop Solutions for Fund Promoters - Holding et consolidating assets of Families and HNWIs -  Main legal structures proposed by Luxembourg

Creatrust - General Conditions from 1st July 2019

Please find enclosed the new version of the General Terms and Conditions applicable from 1st of July 2019 which replaces and supersede any previous Agreements and previous versions of the General Term and Conditions as applicable to Services carried out by Creatrust.




Creatrust Brochure | SOPARFI

Société de participations Financières (SOPARFI) - The Luxembourg Holding Company

General Overview - Comparison with SPF

Creatrust Factsheet | SOPARFI

Factsheet SOPARFI

Background - Authorisation requirement - Legal and regulatory framework - Legal form - Tax system

Creatrust Brochure | Limited Partnership

Limited Partnerships in Luxembourg

Definition and regulation - Tax treatment - VAT treatmemt - Private Assets in SLP

Creatrust Brochure | Intellectual Property Company

Intellectual Property Company

Scope of the Law - Tax treatment - Restrictions and incentives - Modified Nexus Approach - Case study

 Creatrust Factsheet | Intellectual Property

Factsheet IP Company

Background - Scope of the law - Details on tax treatment - Restrictions - Comparison with other jurisdictions - Case study



Creatrust Brochure | AIFMD-LP

AIFMD - Alternative Investment Fund manager Directive and Limited Partnerships

AIFMD general description - SLP definition and regulation - Tax treatment of LP and their executives  - Tax treatment of executives - VAT treatment

Creatrust Brochure | Specialised Investment Fund

The Specialised Investment Fund (SIF)

SIF requirements and portfolio composition - Definition - Eligible assets and legal form - Structure, authorisation and supervision

Creatrust Brochure | the Reserved Alternative Investment Fund

The Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF)

General Overview - Legal forms and eligible Assets - Taxation principles

Creatrust Brochure | Securitisation

Securitisation in Luxembourg

Overview - Analysis - Taxation - Case studies

Creatrust Factsheet | Securitisation of art Collection

Factsheet Securitisation - Art Collections

Rationale - Art as an investment - Functioning

Creatrust Brochure | Solutions for AIFMs

Solutions for Alternative Fund managers and AIFMs

Introduction - UCITS - Alternative Investments - Luxembourg Limited Partnerships - FundNav

Creatrust Brochure | Raising Capital via Luxembourg

Raising Capital via Luxembourg

Raising Capital Solutions - Legal basis - Process - Examples - Financing vehicle


Family Office

Creatrust Brochure | Family Office Services

Family Office Services - Luxembourg

Introduction - Services organisation - Main structures - Solutions and products

Creatrust Brochure | Wealth Management Company SPF

SPF - Wealth Management Company

Overview - Origin and tax status - Comparison with SOPARFI

Creatrust Brochure | Luxembourg Private Foundation

 Luxembourg Private Foundation

 Overview - Foundations and Trusts - Setting up a FOundation - Taxation - Step up

Creatrust Brochure| Investment Manager

Developing your Wealth Management Business from Luxembourg

Requirement to become  Investment Manager - Joining an Investment Manager - Providing Investment Management Services

Creatrust Brochure | Structuring Art Collection

Structuring Art Collection via Luxembourg

Introduction - Special Limited Partnerships - Securitisation of Art Collection - Wealth Protection Plan - Luxembourg Freeport

Creatrust Brochure | The Wealth Protection Plan

The Wealth Protection Plan

Introduction - Private Foundation - Development in four steps

Creatrust Brochure | Private Assets Consolidation

Private Assets Consolidation

Introduction - Monitoring - Reporting




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