Wealth Protection Plan

Secured Planning for retirement and transmission of HNWI’s assets

High Net Worth Individuals around the world deal with and invest in many types of assets and businesses. HNWIs have people around them they want to protect or to whom they want part or all of their assets to be transferred if the worst happens.

Unfortunately, in our experience, many neglect to put in place an organised structure, a proper retirement plan, and a dedicated inheritance programme to ensure the continuity of their affairs, their businesses and incomes for the next generation.


Who are HNWIs ? They

  • have participations in Private Equity,

  • are holding one or more portfolios of securities,

  • are co investing with other families or investors,

  • have shares invested in different projects,

  • own several estates and assets around the world (villas, yachts, planes, etc),

  • have people they want to protect financially, such as children, partners, business associates, and/or charities.


Creatrust, our innovation, your confidence

The team of professionals at Creatrust understands all the key fiscal, tax, legal and regulatory issues at the heart of Luxembourg, the EU, and the global community, and this expertise allows us to help you plan for your retirement, and when necessary your succession, in a secure, robust and advantageous manner.

Our in-house experts can help ensure that your wealth receives the full benefits provided by Luxembourg's favourable and innovative jurisdiction and our four step Wealth Protection Plan has been devised to allow HNWIs, with complex wealth and assets, the assurance that everything will be taken care of.

For more about the expertise available from Creatrust's in-house accountancy, legal and tax professionals you are welcome to call us directly or you may wish to request a free proposal by filling in our online contact form.


Protect your wealth with expert planning and structuring

The new Private Foundation in Luxembourg is clearly a type of structure which fits perfectly with the needs of HNWIs.

The Luxembourg Private Foundation is a flexible entity with a legal personality to which a settlor (resident or non-resident) transfers its assets and appoints a board of directors so that they may take charge of the administration of the Luxembourg Foundation.

The settlor will also appoint beneficiaries (if not, a rule to determine who the beneficiaries will be is selected).

The settlor reserves all rights to modify or to amend the board of directors and the list of beneficiaries at any time.

The settlor also appoints Creatrust as a protector. Its role is not to manage the assets of the Foundation but to ensure that the wishes of the settlor are always u[held and the procedure of transfer to the next generation will be carefully applied in the future.


A dedicated package of services in 4 steps

Creatrust has put together a package of services called the Wealth Protection Plan to enable HNWIs to set up a secure, robust plan for retirement and/or succession.


Step One 

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four


From here on, the protector, Creatrust, is responsible for monitoring the board of directors' activities and will be ready to act upon the settlor's plan should the worst happen, or any of the stated eventualities.

The settlor can be appointed as Director of the Foundation; he or she can modify the list of directors and their powers, and alter the list of beneficiaries at any time. The settlor remains in full control of assets managed by the Foundation until such specified circumstances which would see the protector enact the settlor's instructions.



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