The rise of Actively Managed Certificates

Establishing an Active Managed Certificate to create a bespoke investment strategy.

Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) have risen in popularity in recent years as their unique nature enables asset managers to design a bespoke investment strategy with far greater flexibility than traditional structured products or investment funds. 

Supported by a legal and regulatory framework, AMCs allow investors to achieve their specific investment objectives, providing a return linked to an underlying asset or an index provided by an asset allocator.

What are AMCs?

Actively managed certificates are structured products with a difference. Usual structured products are pre-packaged market-linked investments which use derivatives to gain a specific type of exposure to an asset or basket of assets. AMCs differ as they can replicate an index provided by a third party advisor, or match an asset allocation linked to any type of asset, including shares, bonds, derivatives, currencies, investment funds, indices or other types of securities. 

Usual structured products are fixed-term investments where the composition of the underlying asset does not change. AMCs differ as the underlying assets or index can be rebalanced periodically to track, follow or replicate an asset allocation provided by an asset manager. The payoff received by the investor can be actively changed at any time by the asset manager.

Key advantages

This unique setup gives great flexibility and enables an asset manager to develop, engineer and test its investment strategies in a very cost effective manner compared to other investment vehicles. The cost advantages enable smaller asset managers to establish strategies with low barriers to entry and at the same rate as larger institutions.

Setup is also extremely efficient. The process, from initial enquiry with a service provider such as Creatrust to establishment of the actively managed certificate, usually takes around two to four weeks depending on the type of strategy and the broker that is appointed.

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