Set up of a Trust for Families or Private Individuals

A trust is a private legal agreement (trust deed) between the individual who places his assets in the trust (the settlor) and the individual or corporation entrusted with the protection, management, and ultimate distribution of the assets (the trustee). The assets are held in trust for the persons entitled to benefit from the capital assets and/or income held under the agreement (the beneficiaries).


A family Office may find trusts are useful because they provide:

  • a supplement to a will or a testament

  • asset protection,

  • confidentiality,

  • flexibility,

  • investment in participation, financial instruments, etc

  • real estate ownership 

  • efficient tax planning strategies

  • and can hold assets such as boats, planes, etc


Setting up and managing a trust allows controlling participations to protect, maintain and administer a  family's wealth, their assets and possessions around the globe, while retaining an overview of the decisions. Additionally, advice on international tax should be considered for transferring assets and organising the administration; as well as the creation of an inheritance plan in order to respect the family founder's will, family governance, and forced heirship rule.


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