Company Redomiciliation

Incorporation of a foreign company established abroad

Company Law - two theories: seat of incorporation vs. seat of establishment

To become an entity duly incorporated under Luxembourg law, a foreign company established abroad may elect to transfer its registered office and redomicile to Luxembourg. There are two main incorporation regimes: seat of incorporation and seat of establishment.

For seat of incorporation countries, the registration into a company register is the main element to determine the nationality of a company, while for seat of establishment the most important factor is the place where the company has its principal premises; its head office, the place from where is it managed. For the latter, the transfer of head office and adoption of a new nationality can be achieved by a simple transfer of the place where the company is managed and controlled.

  • "Seat of incorporation" countries are: United Kingdom, Denmark, Hungary, etc.
  • "Seat of establishment" countries are: Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Italy, etc.

Important Note: While some countries have a traditional incorporation of seat regime, they also allow redomiciliation in their company law; for example, Cyprus and Malta.





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