Corporate Clients

Structuring  investments, including real estate, co-investments, private equity and holding of any type of assets

Corporate Clients and Institutional Investors need to spend time and energy growing their businesses, acquiring properties, making co-investments, arranging private equity deals and finding finance to make their company successful.


Corporate Clients, especially those with international business operations, turn to Creatrust for advice in the following areas:

  • Corporate structure: Creatrust provides Corporate Clients with a full overview of existing company structure, and implements and manages any potential changes with regard to domiciliation, mergers, acquisitions, disinvestments and ownership structure.

  • Corporate flows: Organisation of appropriate financing vehicles and the fiscal treatment of income flow. This includes the issue of bonds or securities, the listing on a stock exchange and the management of intellectual property, dividends, interests, royalties and other income flows.

  • Corporate ownership: Creatrust can assist organisation of ownership across a myriad of structures, including;  multiple stakeholders, partnerships , co-investment, management buy-outs, co-ownership, redomiciliation of companies, highly skilled employees, stock option plans, and expat or executive payroll. 


The Creatrust difference

At Creatrust we believe in building our business relationships on trust - we sit "at the same side of the table" as our clients and use our knowledge and expertise to provide and deliver effective solutions.
What makes us different:

  • Independence

  • In-house expertise

  • Unique products and technology systems

  • Trust

Our reputation has been built on strong foundations of excellence combined with an ability to assist our clients in making the right choices for structuring their investments, private equity and asset holdings. To find out more about Creatrust's services please request a brochure by clicking on the button on the right-hand side of this page.


The Creatrust Corporate Department provides its customers with a 360° view of their organisation and options, then implements, administers and manages the chosen solutions effectively. Creatrust offers comprehensive advice and administration, including accounting, corporate management, audit coordination and statutory reporting.

In Luxembourg, one of the most effective corporate structure is the ‘Holding Company’ – whereby the company holds shares of local or international companies. It can be an active or passive entity - the company may be run as an active enterprise or created primarily for financial reasons.

Holding Companies in Luxembourg are divided into two categories; SOPARFI, for Corporations, and Private Wealth Management Companies – SPF – for Private Individuals.

A SOPARFI is a fully taxable, Luxembourg-resident company which is able to take advantage of the ‘participation exemption’ regime in Luxembourg.

Detailed information can be found in our brochure: Luxembourg Holding Companies.


Under the AIFM Law, Luxembourg has also set up funds for private placements such as the Special Investment Funds (SIF), which is a multi-prupose vehicle used for Hedge Funds and Alternative Investment Funds in General. The SIF may be structured in a Special Limited Partnership (SLP).



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