Structured Products Issuance

Several Luxembourg vehicles used to create Structured Products

What is a structured Product ?

A structured product eitheris issued either in Luxembourg or abroad, and is a financial instrument which is takesing a traditional security, such as a conventional bond,  but who pays instead of paying a usual a typical interest coupon (e.g.for example periodic coupons and final principal) payments are unconventional; they are not derived  from the issuer's own cashflow but from the performance of one or more of the underlying assets. a non-traditional payoffs derived not from the issuer's own cash  flow, but from the performance of one or more differents underlying assets.

This may be achieved, by for instance, by buying a zero coupon (traditional bond)  and investing the difference into another market,; sayperhaps a future contract on an stock exchange index, for example. The maturity follows the zero coupon's date of reimbursement while at maturity the investor will receive: - the nominal value of the Zero coupon (with any accrual) - the result (positive or negative) of the result of the future's exposure on the market. Very often, derivatives like swap, options, forwards, etc are used to generate an income, to enhance the risk, to create a leverage or to offer a protection to the investor.  

ETF : Exchange Traded Funds are financial instruments which are directly linked to the value and income of a specific type of shares/ or bonds.

For example an ETF based on gold may be invested only ion this precious metal or ETF on gold shares will be invested ion shares relating to which are exploiting gold mining.    

Luxembourg structured products' issuers :

  • Private companies

  • Banks

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