Specialised Investment Fund - SIF

Primary vehicle for Alternative Investment Fund Managers in Luxembourg

The Specialised Investment Fund (SIF) is a regulated, Luxembourg-branded, investment fund vehicle for well informed, institutional and qualified investors.


A SIF may take the legal form of a common fund (a mutual fund, FCP – fonds Commun de Placement)

or may be incorporated as an investment company (SICAV –Société d'Investissement à Capital Variable or SICAF – Société d'Investissement à Capital Fixe).


A Specialised Investment Fund is specificaly designed to invest in alternative assets like :

  • private equities

  • hedge fund strategies

  • real estate

  • credit strategies (bonds, direct lending, Peer To Peer, high yield, etc)

  • derivatives (futures, options, etc)

  • collectibles (wines, art works, jewelry, old cars, diamonds, etc)

  • Fund of Funds

  • other type of alternative investment with no limitation

except that at any time the exposure on any of the asset of the Specialised Investment Fund cannot exceed 30 percents of the total AUM. (risk spreading rule)


A SICAV/SICAF can be established from the following legal forms:

  • Public Limited Company ( PLC –Société Anonyme)

  • Private Limited Company (LTD – Société à Responsabilité Limitée)

  • Partnership Limited by shares  (SCA – Société en Commandite par Actions)

  • Co-operative company organised as a public limited company (Coopsa –Société Co-opérative organisée comme une Société Anonyme).

  • Special Limited Partnership (SLP – Société en Commandite Spéciale)


Each Specialised Investment Fund may be set up as a stand-alone fund or as an umbrella fund with multiple compartments; each with a different investment policy and an unlimited number of share classes, depending on the needs of the investors and fee structure.


The structures may be open-ended or closed-ended.

The FCP has no legal personality and must be managed by a separate management company established in Luxembourg.




Specialised Investment Fund advice with Creatrust

Specialised Investment Funds (SIFs) represent a flexible and financially intelligent choice for international investors looking to benefit from Luxembourg's favourable regulatory regime.

Creatrust provides impartial and specialist skill and knowledge based on trust, clear communication and an understanding of the key issues, including those that are specific to Luxembourg as well as those that apply to investors from other parts of Europe and throughout the world.

Our expertise is entirely in-house and is enhanced by a commitment to continual fiscal, legal and technological innovation. We can help you achieve the exact vehicle structure for your needs; ensuring your requirements, and those of your investors, are met fully.


Fill in an online contact form to give us some background information on your requirements and we will be happy to call you back to discuss your options. Alternatively, you can call our offices today on +352 277 299 99 so that we can begin the process of exploring the possibilities available to you.


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