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A SOPARFI is a fully taxable, Luxembourg-resident company which is able to take advantage of the ‘participation exemption’ regime in Luxembourg.

Real Estate

Luxembourg real estate investment vehicles may be used by institutional investors, real estate promoters, developers or private investors.

Co Ownership

The Special Limited Partnerships (SLPs) are used to invest in any type of assets, as a special purpose vehicle (SPV), a co-investment entity for institutional investors or co-ownership between family offices or HNWIs, …

Special Limited Partnership

Following the implementation of AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) into Luxembourg law, the rules which apply to Luxembourg limited Partnerships have been adapted to create three types of partnerships in Luxembourg:

  • Common Limited Partnership (Société en Commandite Simple) or CLPs

  • Special Limited Partnership (Société en Commandite Spéciale) or SLPs

  • Partnerships Limited by Share (Société en Commandite par Actions) or SCAs 

Luxembourg Permanent Resident

 A Luxembourg resident company developing activities in another country may consider establishing a permanent place of business, a branch or a simple representation office abroad. This decision could trigger different tax implications depending on in which country the permanent establishment will be based.

Re Domiciliation

 To become an entity duly incorporated under Luxembourg law, a foreign company established abroad may elect to transfer its registered office and redomicile to Luxembourg. There are two main incorporation regimes: seat of incorporation and seat of establishment.



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