13 December 2021

Crypto-Fund, Cryptocurrency, ICO, Blockchain & Token in Luxembourg


Initial Coin Offering , Blockchain & Crypto Funds gained in popularity over the last few months in Luxembourg


Over the few monthsn the Bitcoin market has driven many promoters and assets managers to consider Luxembourg as an ideal location to setup their adequate alternative investment fund.


The first stage of the process in settling such a fund is the initial coin offering.

This consists in preparing a document including the main information regarding the projet which includes the following components:

  • Project details and timelines

  • Amount of capital required

  • Tokens (financial instrument)

  • Dividend to be paid per token to investors

The marketing campaign is the next step of the process and consists in the issuer promoting the project in order to obtain the initial capital.




Bitcoin Funds can be setup as a Special Limited Partnership. (SLP).
The advantage is that such investment fund is not regulated under the threshold of 100 000 000 EUR (though being considered as an AIF under the AIMF directive).

  • No custodian

  • No regulated manager

  • No prior approval of the CSSF

  • No need to have a bank account in Luxembourg

  • No need to appoint an auditor


Or Bitcoin Funds can be set up as a Reserve Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF)
See our dedicated website: www.raif-luxembourg.com

These two fund structures are easy to setup, flexible, tax transparent and can be setup with a couple of weeks.

Some structure of securitisation can also be used to convert the Bitcoins or any other assets/rights into a certificate.


More information, contact us: info@creatrust.com


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