Luxembourg has long been at the forefront of legal, tax and fiscal innovation with Luxembourg companies benefiting from the climate created by 1915’s Luxembourg law on commercial companies.

There can be little doubt; artificial intelligence (AI) represents the future in almost all areas of commerce and investment in AI should be encouraged with a view to creating the economically and environmentally advantageous technologies of tomorrow.

Securitisation vehicles in Luxembourg are separate legal entities reliant on a complex configuration of financial arrangements; as such it is vital that parties to these transactions have the right kind of support in place to help them ensure the benefits of reliable and low cost capital.

The Luxembourg Government presented its 2016 Budget on October 14 and it contained a number of new tax laws to be introduced for Luxembourg companies across 2015 and 2016.

On 20 April 2015 the council of the European Union agreed to adopt a regulation that would provide for a new kind of fund vehicle for the creation of increased capital for long-term investment in the EU economy.

As part of the Organisation for Economic Development's (OECD) commitment to reduce the scope for tax practices considered unbeneficial to the economic climate in the EU, on 14 October 2012 the Luxembourg Minister of Finance submitted two important bills to parliament containing a number of provisions designed to address the situation of corporate taxpayers in the Grand Duchy.

New guidance has been given by the CSSF to define the key differences between reverse solicitation and marketing in respect of AIFM shares.

There is a perception that in order to be a meaningful investor in art you must be a rock star, an oligarch or some other member of the wealthy elite.  However, although a high level of personal wealth coupled with a discerning eye is an important pre-requisite for the traditional art investor, new funding models are bringing about some significant changes in the previously conservative art investment market.

Juncker Plan gives start-ups access to cheap capital, competitive interest rates, and funding at an earlier stage.

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