02 May 2022

Luxembourg Green Energy Securitisation


Setting up your own Green Bonds - Securitisation SPV in Luxembourg


The recent trend for environmental and sustainable energy has led many promoters to establish their own investment vehicles in order to finance these type of green energy project.


These investments can be made either by large scale “green” companies, start-ups developing green innovations or green products, like solar panels, wind-power electric generators, clean water systems, etc.


Luxembourg offers a variety of solutions dedicated to such investments like Securitisation vehicles (traditional company or fund structure) which can be setup with a matter of weeks.


Such vehicles will usually issue bonds, notes, securities and other investment products in order to invest in such ESG projects


Furthermore, in accordance with the market evolution, The Luxembourg Stock exchange decided to launch in 2016 a stock exchange completely dedicated these specific type of environmental friendly investments.


Now Luxembourg is considered as the leader in terms of green bonds market with its 114 “green bonds” issued since 2007 which represent a total amount of $45 billions.


To find out more about how securitisation vehicle can be used to finance green energy project  please read our dedicated page on our Securitisation website here.


Read more about green energy funds (Art 8 or Art 9 SFDR) on our Special Limited Partnership website here.


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