Securitisation vehicles, which are usually used as an alternative to traditional bank funding or to transfer or deconsolidate risks off the balance sheet of a company, benefits from a Luxembourg Law very attractive on legal, regulatory and tax environment matters.

Some months after the Brexit vote, more and more Investment management companies and AIFMs are thinking to set up fund management activities in Luxembourg.

The Law regarding the new Luxembourg Alternative Fund RAIF has finally been voted.The Reserved Alternative Investment Fund, proposed to institutional or well-informed investors, Family Offices and HNWIs, is really Flexible and can be setup within a week.

In the current context, some corporations or individuals may think of transferring their company to Luxembourg. Despite the difference between regimes offered by Luxembourg and other countries, the transfer of company seat is specifically foreseen and may be easier than one may think.

Following the important increase of crowfunding platforms, EU tries to know better this oppotunity to raise funds for innovative companies and  promotes it.

HNWIs and Family Offices may be vunerable to physical or cyber risks. Creatrust launches new services to protect them in collaboration with selected special advisors.

Securitisation vehicles are used to transfer risk or deconsolidate the ownership off  the owner’ or issuers’ balance sheet/wealth.

The Creatrust securitisation platform can transform any types of assets into tradable securities: receivables, shares, bonds, real estate asset, fund units, portfolio of assets, intellectual property right, derivative, any future flow of dividends,...

Luxembourg is going to create a new type of Luxembourg alternative investment fund, the Reserved Alternative Investment Fund ("RAIF"), which tax regime can be really attractive.

In February 2016, Luxembourg governement announced new benefits and tax measures for individuals for 2017.

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