While implementing the AIFM Directive, Luxembourg Government took the opportunity to create a new type of partnership: the "Special Limited Partnership" (SLP).

Setting up a process of securitisation may bring many benefits to the originator and help to reduce the costs of financing. Typical benefits for originators come from the return of capital as a result of the conversion from an on-balance-sheet fee lending business into an off-balance-sheet fee income stream.

A Wrapper is commonly used by an investor, a trust, a family or a promoter to structure a pool of assets into one single security.

Wealth structuring to protect and transmit your assets and your family

A foreign company developing activities in Luxembourg may consider establishing a permanent place of business, a branch or a simple representation office in Luxembourg

The SLP can be setup as an unregulated alternative Investment Fund under the AIFM

Creatrust launches this new service with the aim to propose to the Private Equity industry a complete solution in tax, legal and administration matters, from the GP to the Special vehicle Purpose.

Individuals have the possiblility to use the Luxembourg SLP, Special Limited Partnership to help them structure the their wealth.

In Luxembourg, a new law on the free movement of persons and on immigration redefines the rules to grant resident permits for non eu citizen.

Securitisation vehicles, which are usually used as an alternative to traditional bank funding or to transfer or deconsolidate risks off the balance sheet of a company, benefits from a Luxembourg Law very attractive on legal, regulatory and tax environment matters.

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