21 March 2019


Application for Investors VISA as Third-countries nationals


Third-countries nationals wishing to obtain a VISA in Luxembourg need to meet various requirements in order to proceed


Who is concerned

Third-country nationals can apply for a residence permit as an investor provided they plan to invest:

  • at least EUR 500,000 in an existing company with its registered office in Luxembourg an commit to keep for a duration of at least 5 years:

  • their investment;

  • a level of employment which must be equivalent to the level at the time of the investment (in the case of an acquisition of a company in difficulty and under a redundancy plan, the aforementioned requirement does not apply); or

  • at least EUR 500,000 in a new business still to be created, with its registered office in Luxembourg and at least 5 work positions which must be created within 3 years of the incorporation of the business. The recruitment of staff must be in collaboration with the National Employment Agency(Agence pour le développement de l'emploi- ADEM) or;

  • at least EUR 3 million in a management and investment structure, either existing or still to be created, with its registered office in Luxembourg where it must have and maintain the necessary substanceor;

  • at least EUR 20 million in the form of a deposit of funds with a financial institution established in Luxembourg, and with the commitment to keep said deposit for at least 5 years.


Creatrust offers the following services i nthis regards:

  • Tax and legal advisory on redomiciliation in Luxembourg – set up of private investment entities

  • Assistance in obtaining VISA or permits

  • Residency services for U-HNWIs

For more information regarding the different structures, please contact or by telephone on 00 352 277 297 40.


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