02 May 2022

Tokenization of Funds shares & notes



The tokenization of funds shares and bonds has been a major topic over the last years mainly due to the regulation complexity in regards to such financial products.


Nonetheless, it is finally taking shape through a solution called ERC3643.


The setup of a SPV enables the access to this solution by the issuance of notes or other financial instruments ( i.e : Tracker, Wrapper, AMC).


Each instrument is linked directly to specific assets like receivables, intellectual property, real estate, arts collection, private equity, green energy and many more other types of asset classes.


Afterwards, a token is created on the ERC3643 Platform as a representation of the Notes.


Each subscriber undergoes a series of KYC & AML verifications and follow a suite of smart contracts which will enable the issuance, management and transfer of a permissioned token.


Finally, the tokens become available for subscription to investors.




To find out more about this topic please contact us at Creacom@creatrust.com




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