20 December 2021

Special Limited Partnership in Luxembourg


Possible strategies by creating a Special Limited Partnership in Luxembourg

The Special Limited Partnership is a form of companies which can be incorporated in Luxembourg by one General Partner (GP) and one Limited Partner (LP - investor).

This solution has become really popular over the years since its regulatory requirements are considerably lesser than other fund structures while maintaining a broad range of options in terms of asset selection.


This fund structure is the perfect alternative for professionals’ managers wanting to diversify into multiple strategies such as:

  • Infrastructure

  • Long term position

  • Derivatives

  • Foreign exchange

  • Hedge Fund

  • Credit / Loans

  • Algorithm trading

  • Private equity stocks

  • Real estate investments

  • Crypto currencies

  • Initial Coin Offering

  • Security Token Offering


The major advantages are as follow:

  • Fast setup taking only a few weeks with no prior regulatory approval.

  • The Special Limited Partnership can invest in any type of assets: equities, participations, bonds, loans, artworks, cars, hedge fund strategies, liquid or illiquid instruments, real estate, private equity, etc.

  • No custodian required – No audit required – No prime broker required.

  • Fully Tax transparent – fully tax exempt in Luxembourg – No VAT.

For more information regarding the different structures, please contact Creacom@creatrust.com.


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