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A fund administrator is responsible for providing Central Administration services to an Investment Fund.

It independently calculates the net asset value of the fund and its function also includes the preparation of reports, accounting, measurement of the fund's performance, and the administration of Investor’s accounts. It might also be in charge of the fund’s compliance with all necessary legal requirements, tax reporting (CRS – Common Reporting Standard- FATCA, etc).


The list of the services realized by the fund administrator is varied and can be classified in four groups.

These services can be available for UCITS fund , alternative investments (AIF) and any other strategies, being a Luxembourg based fund or a foreign fund.

Some services might also be used by managers in charge of Managed Accounts or Securitisation Undertakings (securitisation fund or securitisation companies).


List of services

A. Domiciliary agent ( central administration and record keeping)

  • Provision of the registered office (authorization to use the address).
  • Receipt and transmission of correspondences.
  • Holding registers.
  • Preparation of ordinary and extraordinary general meetings.
  • Organisation and preparation of board meetings.
  • Filing and publication of annual accounts.
  • Attendance at meetings of the assembly and preparation of reports.
  • Control of the conformity with the current laws and regulations.
  • Filling of the quarterly subscription tax.
  • Payment of commissions and fees to the third party providers.


B. Administrative agent

  • Follow-up of the legal formalities to be carried out in the various jurisdictions.
  • Holding of board meetings, assemblies and coordination with the promoter.
  • Coordination between the fund and the custodian bank or other service provider/ agent.
  • Verification of invoices, fees, costs and preparation of the instructions of payments.


 C. Accountant

  • Bookkeeping (general accounting, preparation of annual accounts).
  • Calculation of the net asset values of the shares.
  • Calculation of the management fees, performance fees.
  • Processing the AML Check, KYC upon subscription.
  • Calculation of the Series of Share and Equalisation.
  • Establishment of monthly reports for the CSSF (or the relevant regulator).
  • Preparation and distribution of the annual and biannual reports.
  • Contacts with the auditor for the execution of the annual audit.


D. Agent of register and transfer

  • Treatment of emissions transfers and redemption of shares.
  • Issue of confirmations.
  • Holding of the register of the shareholders.
  • Emission of portfolio statements.
  • Determination and instructions of payment of dividends.
  • Bond issuance, payment of coupon.
  • Servicing of securitisation undertaking, reconciliation of collection of receivables.


Creatrust is an independent fiduciary providing services of incorporation and central administration of Investment Funds and Securitisation Vehicles based in Luxembourg and abroad.


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Our services include:

  • Advisory upon Incorporation

  • Coordination between the service providers

  • Incoproration of entities and funds

  • Central Administration for alternative investment vehicles


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