18 October 2017

Create your own Wrapper


  How to create your own Wrapper


A Wrapper is commonly used by an investor, a trust, a family or a promoter to structure a pool of assets into one single security.

It can be useful to hold several types of assets by subscribing one single certificate instead of holding or subscribing different securities.

A promoter might use a wrapper to structure a pool of assets or create an index which is linked to various assets.

An asset manager can place several types of asset into the Wrapper to create an investment solution for investor by virtue of which they receive one single bond or note which underlying assets are diversified and may include risky and safe assets at the same time or assets and a protection of capital.

A HNWI or a family office might place whole or part of his assets into a Wrapper and use it to transfer his wealth to the next generation or place it into a Life Insurance Policy.

As long as the securitisation undertaking does “not create the risk” it can hold securities which are actively managed by a third-party asset manager (Actively Managed Certificate).

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