Emerging Markets

The constituents of the HFRI Emerging Markets Indices are selected according to their Regional Investment Focus only. There is no Investment Strategy criteria for inclusion in these indices. Funds classified as Emerging Markets have a regional investment focus in one of the following geographic areas: Asia ex-Japan, Russia/Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa or the Middle East. Funds with no primary focus in any of the aforementioned regions are classified as Global. At the current time HFR does not publish separate indices for funds focused in the Africa and Middle East regions. However, these funds are represented in the HFRI Emerging Markets (Total) Index.

1. HFRI Emerging Markets (Total) Index is a fund-weighted composite of all Emerging Markets funds.

2. HFRI Emerging Markets: Asia ex-Japan Index Primary focus on Asia

3. HFRI Emerging Markets: Global Index No greater than 50% exposure in any specific geographic region

4. HFRI Emerging Markets: Russia/Eastern Europe Index Primary focus in region, with greater than 50% exposure in these areas

5. HFRI Emerging Markets: Latin America Index Primary focus, with greater than 50% exposure in these areas


Source : HFRI

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