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Private Foundation

 A private Foundation may be used to:

  • Manage and control participations, financial instruments, real estate, etc

  • Protect, maintain and administer family wealth

  • Hold any type of assets or possessions around the globe, while retaining an overview of the decisions


Luxembourg Private Foundation structure

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High net worth Individuals and wealthy families have used the private foundation for a number of reasons including:


The cohesion of the family patrimony

The private foundation can be used as an instrument to prevent the dispersal of assets in the event of death of a member of the family. The creation of a private foundation becomes an instrument of succession planning to ensure the continuity of a patrimony or even a family business, and to maintain or enhance the long-term family wealth.

Continuity in the management of the company

The foundation allows the separation of economic ownership of family property and the management of the family business. This is particularly useful when the founder has no children, if he considers that some of the heirs are not suitable, or heirs do not want to run the family business. It also allows a family business to move towards a more open structure to attract new capital and talent.

The protection of privacy and family safety

The private foundation can meet the legitimate needs of wealthy families to limit the visibility of their assets, ensuring their safety and the safety of any children (Dutch foundations, for example, are often used for this purpose by wealthy Dutch families). 

The achievement of a given purpose in connection with the family

The family patrimony can be assigned a specific purpose such as the funding of education for a child, or to meet the financial needs of a child or disabled parent.


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