13 September 2021

Hedge Fund and Fintech - The limits of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and why human oversight is still important


Hedge Funds are officially 70 years old, but despite their age they’re one of the most tech-driven investment setups on the market


The past 5 years have come with a swathe of buzzwords and technologies, especially in the fintech space. Words like AI, Blockchain and Machine Learning have seeped into the standard discourse and the advancements they tout are actively being used (or at least tested) by many an investment company, fund or other undertaking. As such, we feel it is important to shed some light on how hedge funds came to be, what we can expect from them on the short term and what limits should be expected of the new wave of technology infusing them.


Luxembourg offers a variety of regulated and non regulated structures that can be used to set up a hedge fund. These are:


  • SLP: Special Limited Partnership incorporated as an unregulated Alternative Investment Fund
  • RAIF: Reserved Alternative Investment Fund - unregulated AIF managed by a supervised  AIFM
  • SIF: Specialised Investment Fund - multi-purpose regulated Vehicle for alternative investments managed by a supervised AIFM
  • SICAR: Risk Capital Investment Company - regulated venture capital fund
  • AMC: Actively Managed Certificate (regulated or unregulated)

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