29 June 2020

Using Luxembourg for Raising capital


Creatrust has developed a turnkey solution for small and medium size companies to allow them to raise capital through the issuance of bonds/notes and certificates.


This solution allows companies to raise capital through private placement and choose between a large range of flexible method of financing such as: fixed or variable interest-bearing bonds, annual, bi-annual or quarterly interest payments, profit participating note, zero coupon bonds, actively managed certificates, convertible note into equity, Preferred Equity Certificates, etc. 


The demand for bonds/notes and certificates issuance has grown significantly over the last years as companies seek to identify alternative sources of financing. Whether it is for existing debt or to finance new ventures or acquire a new company, companies can now issue debt even from as low as EUR 1 million or the equivalent in any currency.


Investors are looking for yield in a low interest environment and looking for attractive debt issuances. An example would be the issuance of a Note through a securitisation vehicle to a foreigner company in order to invest directly into a real estate project. The investors would subscribe to this securitization vehicle’s Note which would able to raise capital to finance the project.


With Creatrust such issuance can be set-up in a matter of 1-2 weeks as a one-off or recurrent way to attract investors.


Please find out more about this by sharing your project with us here




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