09 March 2020

Bond Listing Markets in Luxembourg


The Luxembourg Stock Exchange provides a variety of options for issuers whom wish to attract the right type of investors.


Bourse de Luxembourg Market:

  • The CSSF, Luxembourg’s supervisory authority, is in charge of the prospectus approval

  • Eligible for a European passport (27 countries)

  • Approval of issuers is subject to the Prospectus and Transparency Obligation Directives

  • Issuers subject to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), or an equivalent standards for non-EU issuers


Exchange-regulated Euro MTF Market:

  • The Luxembourg Stock Exchange is in charge of the prospectus approval

  • No European passport provided (only local market)

  • Outside the scope of the Prospectus and Transparency Obligation Directives 

  • Financial reporting is in line with IFRS. However, other accounting standards, such as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), are also accepted.


LuxSE Securities Official List (SOL):

  • Securities included on the official list of LuxSE

  • Not subject to regulation related to admission to trading

  • Simplified registration process – no prospectus

  • Opportunity to communicate an indicative price

  • Enhanced distribution and diversification of the investor base

  • Opportunity to be displayed on the Luxembourg Green Exchange

  • Enhanced visibility


LGX – Green Exchange:

  • All bonds are recognized as “green”, social or a blend of both, while all funds demonstrate a solid ESG, “green”, or social investment policy

  • Access to a broad range of “green”, social and sustainable bond issuers, as well as ESG, green, and social asset managers

  • A dedicated platform to disclose information and publish announcementsThorough information about each security

  • Thorough information about each security

For more information regarding the different structures, please contact Creacom@creatrust.com or by telephone to Fund Department: on 00 352 277 297 40.


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