Hedge Funds

Luxembourg, a leading European centre for alternative funds and a strong position for hedge funds

By hedge funds, we mean Undertakings for Collective Investment that display some or all of the following characteristics:

  • follow an alternative investment strategy

  • use short selling, derivative products and high levels of gearing

  • seek absolute performance rather than measuring their performance against an index

  • apply a performance fee in addition to the management fee that is based on assets under management

  • offer the fund managers much greater liberty to alter strategy

  • use a prime broker which, in addition to asset custody, offers order execution, clearing and financing services


Luxembourg offers a variety of regulated and non regulated structures that can be used to set up a hedge fund. These are:

  • undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS), regulated by the EU Directive in this field, the shares or units of which can be sold to all types of investor

  • undertakings for collective investment under Part II of the 2010 law on UCI, which allows wider scope for investment

  • the Specialised Investment Fund (SIF), reserved for use by informed investors


Choice of structure

Legal and Regulatory Framework

External Service Providers

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