Quantitative Crypto Fund

The crypto quantitative funds are the most represented type of crypto hedge fund and are characterised by following a quantitative market approach either in a market neutral of direction way environment.


They mainly focus on liquid crypto assets while including the following mechanisms:

  • Arbitrage: this involves the simultaneous purchase and sale of assets in different markets to take advantage of small price differences

  • Low-latency trading: this involves the usage of algorithmic trading to respond to market events quicker than the competition and therefore increase trade profitability

  • Market-making: this involves the actively quoting of two-sided markets by providing bids and asks along with the market size of each and capitalising one the bid-ask spread


The main advantages of investing into this type of assets in comparison to a traditional hedge fund are generally a hedging against inflation due to the asset nature, portfolio diversification by including digital assets and lastly getting an access to a complementary value-creation ecosystem.


Quantitative Crypto Fund



What are the benefits of using the Luxembourg Special Limited Partnership for quantitative funds?


Creatrust services include:

  • Fund setup and incorporation

  • Structuring

  • Request of an ISIN number

  • Fund Administration services

  • N.A.V Calculation

  • AML/KYC and reporting

  • Access to our platform FundNav.lu


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