Family and Business Protection

A bespoke solution to avoid physical and cyber risks

HNWIs and Family offices can be subject to several types of external threats or aggressions both personally and in their business.


As an individual, privacy and security need to be protected by a specific due diligence to make sure their premises are secured but also to organise close protection and/or a surveillance of home and offices/archives.


As business owners, HNWIs or Family Offices may be vulnerable. Their assets and their intellectual properties can be victim of attacks. It is then necessary to set up a due diligence and special security which can consist not only of physical aspects but also cyber and information security.


Physical risks:

Corporate buildings and people can be targeted to weaken businesses during corporate events and board meetings for example.

Industrial secrets or Intellectual Property developed by your company are the basics of your activity and need particularly to be secured.


Cyber risks:

Cyber security refers to protection of Information, prevention of fraud and prevention of reputation damage. Criminals and even nation states are finding ever more ingenious methods of stealing or transforming sensitive data, personal identity details, and money.


The security needs of HNWIs or a Family Office require a broad spectrum of services in an ever-changing environment. Vulnerabilities are not always obvious, and a perceived threat does not necessarily come from the direction one might expect.


Creatrust, thanks to our partnership with special advisors, is able to organise a bespoke security service to compliment a lifestyle whilst not restricting it and close vulnerabilities to ensure individuals can continue with their personal and business affairs, knowing they are protected.


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