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Sustainable, Responsible and Impact investing

Why Luxembourg -  two options to invest in SRI ?


1) The Funds Solution :

  • SLP : a Special Limited Partnership can be setup as a co-investment vehicle or as an Alternative Investment Fund

  • The SLP is managed by a Manager which remains non regulated up to 100 Mio Eur

  • It does not need to appoint a custodian nor a regulated asset manager nor an auditor

  • No prior approval from the regulator

  • This allows the promoter to setup such entity very fast and for a fraction of the costs of a normal investment fund

RAIFSICARSIF are also available as lightly regulated Alternative Investment Fund who can be used to invest in such investments.

2) The Securitisation or Bond Issuance Solution :

 Complete cycle of securitisation in Luxembourg

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What kind of SRI investments?

  • Building a Windfarm, Solar plants, Biomass factory, … to generate clean or renewable energy

  • Strategy to avoid Pollutions or Toxics effect on the environment

  • Treatment of Water use and conversation

  • Investment in the Climate Change, Carbon

  • Clean Technology for car, truck, fleet, plane, ships, 

  • Investment Fund managers who invest in companies who respect Anti corruption policy, Human rights

  • In holding investing in Avoidance of harmful product ( petrol, tobacco)

  • It can also be investment in the Community development, Labour relations, to create a safe Workplace.

Are you a SRI investor?

SRI investors comprise:

  • Individual Investor including average retail investors to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals as part of their savings or retirement plans—in mutual funds that specialize in seeking companies with good labour and environmental practices.

  • Family offices

  • Credit unions and community development banks that have a specific mission of serving low- and middle-income communities.

  • Hospitals and medical schools that refuse to invest in tobacco companies.

  • Universities, foundations, pension funds, non-profit organizations 

  • Foundations that support community development loan funds and other high social impact investments in line with their missions.

  • Religious institutions that file shareholder resolutions to urge companies in their portfolios to meet strong ethical and governance standards.

  • Venture capitalists that identify and develop companies that produce environmental services, create jobs in low-income communities or provide other societal benefits.

  • Responsible property funds that help develop or retrofit residential and commercial buildings to high energy efficiency standards.

  • Public pension plan officials who have encouraged companies in which they invest to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and to factor climate change into their strategic planning.

There are in parallel hundreds of investment management firms (AIFM) that offer SRI investing funds and vehicles for SRI investors.


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