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Real Estate SPVs

Key features regarding Real Estate SPVs:

  • Luxembourg based SPVs, flexible framework

  • Can be setup as a non-regulated entity or regulated by the CSSF

  • Invest in Private Equity Real Estate (PERE), development, infrastructure, promotion

  • Or to simply hold, managed or protect some real estate in Luxembourg or anywhere else in the world


The choice will depend on :

  • Method of capital raising

  • Type of investors targeted

  • Invesment to be made

  • Tax considerations

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Real Estate Unregulated Investment Vehicles

In practice, the legal form of a public limited company (Société Anonyme or SA) or a private limited company (Société à Responsabilité Limitée or Sàrl) is most commonly chosen for companies investing in real estate. One of the main features of these two forms of company is that liability of each shareholder is limited to the amount of his participation in the company.

This company invests in estate established in Luxembourg or abroad in two ways:

  • Direct investment

  • Indirect investment, often set up as a SOPARFI, a Special Purpose Vehicle or a subsidiary established in Luxembourg or abroad.

Real Estate Regulated Investment Vehicles

Various regulated entities may also be incorporated to hold or maintain real estate in Luxembourg or abroad:

  • The SICAV which is a company with variable capital in which various investors pool their assets.

  • The SICAR which is also a fund which invests in risky assets. For real estate this implies that the investment in real estate bears a certain risk, for example private equity real estate.

  • The SIF, specialised investment fund, which is a vehicle dedicated to well informed investors such as institutional, family offices, HNWIs, etc who can hold shares in real estate companies, in other funds, or hold the estates directly.

  • The securitisation companies issuing their shares or bonds to the public and investing in underlying assets which are linked with real estate, such as mortgage backed securities or in real estate directly.

Generally, investment in real estate is made through different companies and implies a debt structuring.




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