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Financial Holding Company in Luxembourg


 The SOPARFI may be used to:

  • Hold participations in listed and unlisted (private) Equity

  • Finance other entities

  • Hold real estate in Luxembourg or abroad, directly or through a company

  • Hold financial assets (financial instruments, shares, bonds, derivatives, etc.)

  • Own intellectual property rights to perceive royalties

  • Exercise management control over other entities

  • Issue any type of debt to finance its activities


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Legal Form of a SOPARFI

Depending on the needs of the investor regarding capital, management control and share transferability, the SOPARFI can take one of the following forms:

  • Public limited company (S.A.)

  • Private limited liability company (S.à R.L.)

  • Partnership limited by shares (S.C.A.)

  • Cooperative in the form of a public limited company (CoopSA)

  • European company (SE)

Eligible Assets in a SOPARFI

The Soparfi may invest in any type of assets in Luxembourg or abroad

  • Material or immaterial assets

  • Securities such as stocks, shares, bonds

  • Real-estate

  • Cash, currencies, commodities

  • Loans, distressed assets

  • Contracts with third parties.

Equity/Liabilities issued by a SOPARFI

The SOPARFI may issue any type of debt instrument, such as:

  • Convertible Preferred Equity Certificates (CPEC),

  • Preferred Equity Certificates (PEC),

  • Subordinated Notes,

  • Convertible Bonds,

  • Bonds,

  • Warrants,

  • Tracker Certificates, and

  • any other debt instruments



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